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Ferrovial joins forces at its annual convention

All the Ferrovial directors together at the Annual Convention. Two dynamic days to discover and further strengthen the existing bonds at the company.

The annual convention of international directors from all areas of Ferrovial took place on 10 and 11 October. It was attended by approximately 200 members of the Spanish company’s senior management.

Two days of work and time spent together

The first day began with a cultural and musical tour of Madrid followed by a sumptuous dinner at the Royal Academy of Fine Arts. Tuesday saw a highly dynamic convention featuring music, live performances, multi-screen displays and productions which made for an extremely enjoyable and fun experience.

The INDRA Super Heroes League

Convention and fun combined through meetings and games? We made this possible at the first Indra and Minsait International Commercial Convention.

Sörensen had the honour of organising the first Indra Commercial Convention. Under the theme of the “Super Heroes League”, it brought together 500 of the Spanish company’s directors and senior executives.

Parallel meetings and presentations were held on Indra and the Minsait by Indra group. Both divisions then met at the Teatro de Especialistas to hold the “Super Sales Hero Race” charity event. The points earned by the teams were converted into donations to the Make-A-Wish Foundation, an organisation that they regularly work with.

Gold prize for the Best Convention at the Eventoplus Awards

The EVENTOPLUS Awards are the most important awards in the country in the events and meetings sector and this year we have won the 2015 GOLD prize for the Best Convention.

The event for which we were selected for the final and with which we took first place was the BP Service Stations Convention.

Our thanks to EVENTOPLUS for once again awarding us this great prize, but above all a big thank you to all those who have contributed their great efforts.

Copy Weeks II to be held at SÖRENSEN

We are very happy at Grupo Sörensen as this year the second Copy Weeks, the most important copywriters’ conference in Spain, will be held at our agency.

Some of the most outstanding names in Spanish copywriting will be in attendance, and will talk to us about their techniques for finding great ideas and the art of writing good adverts. Don’t miss it.

Get your body copy…write!

27, 28 and 29 Sept and 4, 5 and 6 Oct

Organised by Paloma Ocaña - Head Hunter -




Presentation of our charity cheque to the APSURIA Foundation

APSURIA is an association that has been helping disabled people for nearly 40 years and, after a great deal of effort and dedication, has set up its own Integrated Centre offering special education, day centre and residence services.

Last Christmas we launched our Christmas card (#UnSelfoSolidario) and decided to help APSURIA by making a donation for each "Selfo" posted to our microsite.

We visited its Integrated Centre to see first-hand the great work being done and to present the cheque for the money raised (€1,075) to the people running this worthy project: Fernando López Abad and Nuria López de la Hoz.

These kinds of projects make us feel really proud of our work. You can find out more about the APSURIA Foundation and the great work it does on its website (apsuria.org) and on social media.

SELFO: the first charity selfie

Sörensen wants to celebrate Christmas with you in a caring and fun way by turning a self-centred action into something more generous.

As we are always taking photos at this time of year, we usually end up with quite a few selfies at the end of the holidays. So this year we’ve decided to put them to good use. That’s why Sörensen will donate €1 to the APSURIA Association for every shared selfie!

You can post your Christmas selfie at selfosolidario.com and get your friends to take part through WhatsApp and social media.

We’ve also prepared a video to encourage you to take part!!

42nd Conde de Godó-Merchbanc Sailing Trophy

Merchbanc, the finance group specialising in asset management, sponsored the 42nd Conde de Godó-Merchbanc Sailing Trophy.

This time round, Sorensen participated in the creation of the creative concept and graphics for all the communication materials of the sponsorship campaign, including the micro website invitations, the stand and emailing campaign.

We also devised the strategy for optimisation of the event sponsorship. The first day featured a short sea trip on a motorboat with guests and the press. On the second day, the guests went on an exclusive trip on a catamaran to enjoy the views of Barcelona along the coast.

It has been a real pleasure for Sorensen to participate in this great event and a source of pride to see how amazingly well everything went.

Campaign: Savings therapy by Brita

Sorensen has launched a promotional campaign for BRITA in Spain and Portugal. Using the concept of Savings Therapy by Brita, it highlights the three main benefits of the whole BRITA range: time, space and money savings.

The campaign includes the development of above and below-the-line actions, press, exteriors, digital and points of sale, supported by a social media strategy.

From 29 May to 8 August, a promotional action using stands with property development companies will also be carried out in more than 65 Carrefour, Eroski, El Corte Inglés and Continente shopping centres in Spain and Portugal.

Sorensen has taken charge of the whole campaign, including everything from creation of the concept and promotional mechanisms, to implementation throughout the Brita distribution network.

Happig Christmas

At Sörensen we want to wish you a Happy Christmas and share the affection that we have inside us. But this year we’re going to give our affection to a sweet little animal...

Our “porky” side reveals itself at this time of year, as we enjoy roast ham and suckling pig more than ever. And of course, by the end of these holidays there are thousands of pigs that weren’t able to celebrate Christmas…

That’s why this year we are determined to bring an end to this winter “porkicide” and have taken in Bakön, an affectionate piglet to whom we will offer human warmth instead of the heat of the oven.

Follow him on Facebook, Instagram and his website to find out about and share Sörensen’s porkiest Christmas.

Christmas app for Asus

At Sörensen we helped Asus to "repopulate" the walls of many of its followers on social media in a viral action which was promoted across all social media over Christmas.

Asus users were able to access the app, known as the "Wishes Tree", on their Facebook wall – where diverse actions were carried out to generate traffic – and at an interactive stand set up for the Christmas holidays in several shopping centres in Madrid, Barcelona and Asturias. In the shopping centres, apart from users being shown the latest brand developments, they were also encouraged to use the app and create their own interactive tree.

Silver prize at the 2013 EUBEA Awards

In a year in which the Spanish football and basketball teams failed to win a medal, we’ve done ourselves proud in Europe!

The EUBEA Awards, which this year moved their presentation ceremony to Seville, are selected by an international jury made up of 60 sector professionals from international events associations, marketing, communication and events agencies, communication media, etc.

Altadis and Sörensen used Atrium III of the Barceló Sevilla Renacimiento Hotel and converted it into not just a meeting area and the venue for a teambuilding action, but also a space for a dinner and disco for 400 people. All this made use of the white, clean aesthetic of the hotel, allowing it to be themed with a spatial setting in line with the event’s futuristic concept. This action won Grupo Sörensen second prize in the Best Convention category.

Gifts with super powers so you never get it wrong

Have you ever been stuck for ideas when buying a gift for a special occasion? Well at SÖRENSEN we’ve come up with the perfect solution to save you years of stress and so you can stop pulling your hair out over such vital decisions.

We’ve launched the "Gifts with super powers so you never get it wrong", an alternative name for the Río Shopping gift vouchers with a really cool image. Do you like it as much as we do? Big thanks to our client for letting us do such out-there things.

Organisation of the “Living Initiative”

On 4 October we organised the "Living Initiative" for the Pro CNIC Foundation and the SHE Foundation.

The event, which was held for a whole day at the Autonomous University, promoted a healthy lifestyle through educational activities which encouraged good eating habits and sport. By means of a number of activities which included everything from a healthy breakfast to a range of different sports activities, we aimed to instil in children the importance of a healthy and active lifestyle.

And boy did we achieve it!

Experiential events and marketing

We launched the new Argan line by the Body Shop brand. To do this Sörensen recreated a Moroccan space in which we showed journalists the features and benefits of the product. It was a highly experiential event with massages, messages with Arabic calligraphy and an extravagant art show using sand. All this inspired by the origins of Argan.

It represents a new experience for all consumers, as this new line has been created using the crops of a cooperative of Moroccan women.

FAST FOOD XMAS “A weighty reason”

Christmas is here at Sorensen and just like every year we are preparing our Christmas campaign. As this is a time of excess and people usually tend to put on a few kilos, we have decided to shed some of that extra weight and make a donation to the Madrid Food Bank for those who most need it. How have we organised it? It’s really very simple. We have set up a running machine in our office and for every 10kal we burn off we will donate 1kg of food to the Food Bank. The more kilos of food we get the better! You are all invited to drop by our office and join in the cause with us. As well as meeting the team and experiencing the campaign in person you will also get a FAST FOOD wristband. The full Sorensen team will be running for 3 days non-stop and we’re going to stream it all live at www.fastfoodxmas.com. You’ll have the chance to watch us sweat blood so we hope to receive your messages of encouragement for this charitable cause.

Pixel Art comes to Michelin

Crash Attack: the app See it to believe it. Or experience for yourself what it’s like being run over by a madman at the wheel. Based on this premise, Sörensen’s Interactive Department has developed the Crash Attack app as part of the road safety campaign of the same name developed by Sörensen for Michelin. With the aim of making young university students aware of the dangers of alcohol, speed and distractions at the wheel, the Crash Attack app places the player in the role of a pedestrian. The aim is to cross from one side of the road to the other, avoiding all the cars driving along the tarmac like madmen. In the style of the successful Frogger game, one of the special features of the Crash Attack app is that players will only have one life with which to try and get through the four levels that make up the game: Death City, Snow Terror, Fast and the Forest and Burning Road.

Sörensen and Michelin launch Crash Attack!

Sörensen and Michelin hit the road to put a stop to all those who drive under the influence of alcohol, at inappropriate speeds or without paying due attention. The target? All the universities they come across along the way. Through various tests and a specially-designed video game, students will be made aware of the dangers and consequences of driving like a madman. For this purpose an advertising style has been adopted which differs from that used previously, with the corporate tone being abandoned in favour of a more laid-back approach which is more likely to appeal to our target audience, in the true style of classic B movies such as “Swamp Thing” or “Invaders from Mars”. As a further enticement, there will also be a prize draw to win free university enrolment for all those who take part in the various tests: Mortal Answer, Whatsapplextric and Crazy Car. Read the news item here: http://www.motorpasion.com/seguridad/crash-attack-una-forma-diferente-de-promover-la-seguridad-entre-los-jovenes/ The app has been designed for IOS and Android and will be available shortly

Sörensen at the Cencerro Ad Festival

Creativity and nature came together at an advertising festival in true rural style. This is what the Cencerro Ad festival is all about: an event for advertising people who love nature, good advertising and above all great company. Agencies (in the campaign category) and copywriters (individual category) had the chance to compete for the "EL CENCERRO", the biggest prize awarded at this competition for the most creative projects related to the agricultural world which was held at Losana de Pirón. Good ideas, great people, music and nature could be seen throughout the festival. Our Creative Director, Dani Ferrer, also had the chance to try the wonderful paella which was prepared on the site, as well as the “free-flowing” sangria which was served in well chilled vats. A gigantic stable fitted out for the ceremony, the famous convertible "SHUTTLE" truck that took the attendees to the gala and the evening party all made this festival an AUTHENTIC experience which was well worth the effort. WE’LL DEFINITELY BE DOING IT AGAIN NEXT YEAR

Technology and Lifestyle with Audi Connect

On 22, 23 and 24 May the "Audi Connect 2013" conference was held at the Audi Forum in Madrid (Calle Orense). The event was attended by specialised motoring media and also included representatives from lifestyle publications. A total of 66 guests (22 each day) were able to enjoy the new technical features launched by Audi, such as the Bluetooth online car phone. All this was accompanied by breakfast before the presentations and a brunch offered to attendees. The meeting was a success in terms of organisation, attendance and media coverage.

New season for the Cepsa Truck Team

This year we once again organised the launch of the CEPSA Truck Team 2013 at the Ciudad del Fútbol complex in Las Rozas (Madrid). More than 100 attendees, including journalists and other people connected to the project, enjoyed a welcome drink before hearing a talk by Jonathan Keeling, Chairman of the Motoring Federation. After this came the main event of the day: an interview with the CEPSA Truck Team driver, Antonio Albacete. The event was brought to a close by Ivan Cruz (Manager) and after the indoor event had ended the attendees were able to enjoy a cocktail outside, alongside the truck with which Albacete will compete this season. Just like last year, the team launch was a great success thanks to the excellent implementation and coordination with the whole CEPSA team. See you next year!

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